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What happens to my new Raleigh home if I die without a will?

What happens to my Raleigh home that I just purchased, if I die without a will in NC?

raleigh homes without a will

Many Raleigh, NC home buyers are moving to the Triangle area from other parts of the country.  Our housing is still affordable, the weather is great, and job opportunities are plentiful.  Raleigh makes the top 10 on many lists: sixth in best places for women to work, third in sportiest, second in most educated, and first for start-up companies.

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Does the State of North Carolina get my home when I die without a will?

So when you move from out of state to buy your new home in Raleigh, usually your biggest investment, you may be concerned about what happens to the house when you die.  Don’t worry – the state of North Carolina does not take your property.  If you have an out of state will, that will, in most cases, will be accepted in North Carolina.  Also, if you have no will, the state “creates” a will for you by statute.

In addition, when a married couple buys a home together in North Carolina, and one of the couple dies, the other receives the home by survivorship.  If the home is only owned by one spouse, and the couple has no descendants or living parents, then the surviving spouse gets the home under North Carolina law.

What if I am not married when I move to Raleigh?

If you are unmarried, perhaps retiring to the Raleigh area from a colder climate, your children would receive your home if you die in North Carolina without a will.  If you have no spouse and no children, your parents, if living, otherwise, your siblings, would inherit the house.

Always seek legal counsel when buying your new home in Raleigh

It is always advisable to seek the services of an attorney when you purchase your new home in Raleigh, NC.  Please feel free to contact Laurie Howell at to discuss your legal concerns when purchasing real estate in North Carolina.


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